Bentonite Clay Side Effects

People all over the world spend enormous sums of money each year on versatile facial care products, including toners, cleansers, lotions, scrubs etc. A lot of these items, meanwhile, are chemical-based and frequently contain ingredients that may negatively affect their skin.

Bentonite clay is reported to be a great alternative to these products, since it is assumed to feature a number of benefits. This substance is harvested from Fort Benton soil and can even be used for internal intake. Read more »

Fentanyl Patch Side Effects

If you experience pain, you will not face problems when looking for an effective medication to treat it nowadays. This is because the market abounds in these drugs that are available in different forms. Fentanyl is a powerful narcotic medicine, which is prescribed to treat chronic conditions that are characterized by painful sensations.

Though it comes in different forms as well, a lot of people consider it more convenient to take it through specially produced transdermal patches that are safely attached to their bodies. Read more »

Biofreeze Side Effects

People can feel pain in different parts of their bodies, be it back, abdomen, joints, muscles, head and what not. Sometimes it can be not easy to get rid of this sensation and there is a need to take specific medications known as pain relievers. These drugs are available on sale in different forms, including pills, gels, patches etc. In other words, these products may be either applied to the affected area or taken orally. Topical medications, however, are considered more convenient and effective, especially when it comes to the treatment of joint and muscle pain. Read more »