5 Hour Energy Side Effects

What makes energy drinks so popular? Actually, the majority of consumers opt for them simply because they improve their wellbeing and help them stay active, alert and energetic throughout the whole day.

5 Hour Energy drink is in demand with millions of people. Let us learn its main secrets and features.
This drink includes a number of ingredients, such as amino acids, B vitamins, caffeine and essential nutrients.  What you will not find in it is sugar, herbal supplements and carbs. Therefore, it is not highly caloric. In fact, it is reported to come with 4 calories only, which makes it an ideal choice for women who wish to get rid of extra kilos and sportsmen. However, there are numerous debates associated with the safety of this product.

Experts insist that any energy drink, including the one we are talking about, is not as safe as it is assumed to be. Furthermore, they state that such products may lead to unpredictable adverse reactions that can seriously impair human health. Everything is about the reaction they cause. The fact is that a typical body reaction to this beverage is the so-called “niacin flush”. What is it? It is a sort of an allergic reaction, caused by niacin (vitamin B3). People, who develop this condition, observe skin problems (reddening, painful itching) in the result of widening of capillaries that transport blood.  Still, in the majority of cases, such reactions do not last longer than for half an hour.

Another component of this drink is a synthetic vitamin B6, which is frequently associated with health-threatening neurological problems. Its effects may be irreversible, since its excessive amounts may result in paralysis and nerve toxicity. Unfortunately, the majority of people do not realize that and continue consuming one drink after another, thus getting ultimate satisfaction from this process.

Finally, it is of key importance to point out other 5 hour energy side effects associated with its basic ingredient, namely caffeine. There is no need to say that high amounts of this component may lead to quite unpredictable body reactions. Experts state that consumption of 200 mg of this substance and more may result in vomiting, diarrhea, accelerated or irregular heart rhythm, dehydration, nausea, disorientation, panic attacks, abdominal pain, headaches, dizziness etc. Is it really what you are willing to experience? Definitely, not. So, keep in mind that everything has its limits and think twice before drinking another portion of this beverage.