Olestra Side Effects

Have you ever heard about fat substitutes and their properties? If not, then you should know that these chemical compounds are used predominantly in packaged foods (such as well-known potato chips, for example). Olestra, which was approved as a dietary supplement in 1996, appears to be a good example in this respect. The thing is that it does not make the products rich in fats, due to which their manufacturers market them as healthy foods.
There is no doubt about the fact that this food additive ensures better taste of the products it is added to. However, there are a lot of health dangers associated with it as well. These aspects should not be ignored, since they may result in quite unpredictable consequences. So, what olestra side effects should the consumers be aware of? Let us learn the answer to this question below.

To start with, it is reported that people who regularly consume food products that contain this component may face vitamin deficiency. It has been proven that this ingredient prevents human bodies from absorbing vitamins A, E, D, and K. That is why they are typically added to the above mentioned products. In addition, this food additive is said to block the normal absorption of pigments known as cartenoids, which are considered powerful antioxidants that may even reduce the potential risk of facing cancer. As a result, those consumers who purchase foods, which contain this component, are more prone to the development of a number of diseases.

A lot of people who consume food products rich in Olestra claim that they experience gastrointestinal disorders. These involve loose stools, diarrhea, abdominal pain etc. Such health reactions occur because this food additive prevents the absorption of fat in human intestines. That is why if you suffer from chronic digestive tract problems, you should be cautious when opting for products that contain this ingredient.

Overeating is another problem you may face if you give preference to the above mentioned foods. For example, a pack of chips that contain Olestra may feature around 70-75 calories as opposed to regular chips, a pack of which typically contains about 150 calories. Thus, it becomes obvious that people who choose the first option will feel not that full as compared to those who select the second alternative. As a result, they face the increased risk of overeating, which, in its turn, may lead to extra weight. Is that what you currently need? If not, then think twice before purchasing food products we have been talking about in this article.